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Snowflake Breach: Lessons and Solutions

Every snowflake is unique…unless the snowflake happens to be the company Snowflake in which one breach made every snowflake on their customer instance the same, breached. This is almost a […]

Current Ransom Threats and How to Prevent!

  Ransomware is still an ongoing nightmare and customers are being hit with it daily. Not all attacks will be high-profile but there will be countless attacks per week (successful […]

The Hidden Cost of Free Apps: What’s Really at Stake?

What is the price when an app is free? We see this all the time, an application is free to use and promises no catches, but is it really free? […]

Unveiling the Art of Steganography: Hiding Threats in Plain Sight

The art of hiding in plain sight is something most special agents strive for as it gives them the ability to slip in and out without drawing attention to themselves. […]