EDR alone is not enough. It relies on detecting a threat already in motion to issue alerts and trigger remediation efforts. Prevention powered by deep learning that can stop both known and previously unknown and undetected threats is the gold standard in protection. Together, they cover all the bases and improve our already award-winning MAED service, as well as displace other well-known security solutions likely already in your stack.

BLOKWORX offers endpoint detection and response (EDR) in conjunction with our MAED service, as MAED+EDR. In addition to a power EPP (endpoint protection program), EDR increases telemetry, reduces the attack surface by increasing visibility, and provides greater actionability across your network for our US-Based SOC team.

BLOKWORX EDR offers another layer to automation with human validation. Combine prevention-centric cybersecurity, with powerful EDR, and our 24/7/365 US-Based SOC, and you’ll deliver the best cybersecurity posture to your clients all while you sleep better at night.

Automation with Human Validation 

Write and deploy detection and response rules

White Glove Onboarding and Tuning

Eliminate Integration Challenges

Close Security Gaps

Reduced number of
Vendor relationships



Eliminate Blind Spots


Policy Optimization

Single Agent Deployment


Threat Hunting

Security Reporting
12-Month Log Retention



Displaces Other Solutions Lowering Your Overall Cost for Protection: We’ve taken the time to build our own set of detection rules and harmonized it with our EPP platform, eliminating the need for another canary in the coal mine solution.

Reduced Partner Overhead Effort: Onboarding is a dreaded word channel-wide because it’s usually incredibly difficult to rip and replace a system. However, in addition to white-glove onboarding, BLOKWORX EDR includes built-in payload deployment, as well as the ability to automatically query for D-Client version, and install Deep Instinct EPP if not already present on the machine. This significantly reduces the time and effort required in initial and tenant onboardings.

Full Endpoint Telemetry: Everything we’ve come to know from EDR capabilities (Processes Network Connections, Authentication Requests, Registry Monitoring, and File Integrity) are monitored based upon custom-built rulesets, such as detecting “Out of Health” EPP agents that could introduce additional attack surface over time.

Increased SOC Actionability: “Handled not Homework” has evolved into augmented capabilities which our SOC team, all engineers based right here in the United States of America, can use – killing processes, quarantining malicious files, digital forensic capabilities and remediation via script execution.


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Troy Rubert

Troy Rubert, CIO of Nashville Computer, Inc.

Making the decision to move 2000+ endpoints under the MAED services model was a hard decision financially for us but it has been the best decision we have made from a security standpoint for our clients.  BLOKWORX worked with us closely to get all our client base configured and implemented under their protection policies.  Working with the knowledgeable staff of BLOKWORX is a true privilege with our customers security at the forefront of it all.  We as a company sleep better at night knowing that BLOKWORX has our back.

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