Find the Active Threat

Effective cybersecurity solutions must always be on the hunt for the latest threat. Threat hunting can be the first indicator of a potential issue or a clear alert that your endpoint protection platform has performed its job.

Our MAED+EDR solution offers threat hunting paired with prevention, creating the best of both worlds when it comes to cybersecurity strategy. We’ve taken the time to build our own set of detection rules and harmonized it with our EPP platform, eliminating the need for another canary in the coal mine solution. This reduces your overhead costs to effectively secure your clients, while enhancing your cybersecurity posture.

Why Threat Hunting through BLOKWORX?

Security Reporting


Automation with Human Validation

Most EDR solutions rely purely on automation to protect. While we firmly believe AI and automation are critical to the scalability and effectiveness of cybersecurity operations, we operate under the principle of automation with human validation. Our fully US-Based 24/7/365 SOC continually reviews alerts, writes additional rules, and validates that the solution is providing the best protection available.

Handled Not Homework

After discovering an issue, other solutions provide you a list of remediation steps for you to complete. You hired an MSSP so that you didn’t need to add cybersecurity expertise to your plate. As such, we operate under the handled not homework principle. As long as we have access to the system, we will handle any threat presented. Then, we’ll provide you documentation about what we did to resolve the issue, rather than a list of what you’ll need to do.

Troy Rubert

Troy Rubert, CIO of Nashville Computer, Inc.

Making the decision to move 2000+ endpoints under the MAED services model was a hard decision financially for us but it has been the best decision we have made from a security standpoint for our clients.  BLOKWORX worked with us closely to get all our client base configured and implemented under their protection policies.  Working with the knowledgeable staff of BLOKWORX is a true privilege with our customers security at the forefront of it all.  We as a company sleep better at night knowing that BLOKWORX has our back.

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