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Total Visibility with Vulnerability Scanning

Attack Surface Mitigation involves identifying the potential holes in your security armor and figuring out how to shore up those challenges before bad actors exploit them. Consider it the mature version of vulnerability scanning.

With one-time or routine, scheduled scans, you’re able to maintain visibility of clients’ ever-changing assets, as well as see where there may be vulnerabilities prone to attack. Utilizing this service offers a canary in the mine view of de­ficiencies that could lead to failing a compliance scan and can be customized based on business/technical need.

True to our mission, BLOKWORX will go beyond simply selling you a vulnerability scanning tool. Instead, we’ll provide you our expertise fully explaining what we’re seeing in a post-scan consultation so you can be confi­dent of what you present and recommend for your client.

There are tools on the market that claim to be vulnerability scans but are really just glorified sales tools. MVAP (Managed Vulnerability Assessment Platform) is the premier preventive vulnerability scanning, discovery, and reporting designed to give you complete visibility of what’s on the network, as well as illuminate potential risks across the network.

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Simply providing a report with a bunch of green or red lights doesn’t really do you or your clients justice when it comes to vulnerability scanning, especially when those tools and reports can miss major things and provide a false narrative of what’s really happening. We alleviate this challenge in two ways. First, the tool we use is much more robust and comprehensive, leading to far fewer false positives. Second, we provide a review of each report by one of highly-qualified and certified engineers so that you can walk into your next meeting with confidence. In short, we take the guess work out for you. Finally, the reporting available allows you to present a clear and concise picture to your clients to fit business or compliance context needs, including Executive and Risk Summary Reports, Detail risk repot spreadsheets, Contextual Vulnerability Reports, as well as live dashboards.


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