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Many email security solutions on the market today are ill-equipped to handle the demands of cloud-based environments. Comparatively, traditional tools designed for on-premise email systems struggle to adapt to cloud security, leaving significant gaps in your defense strategy.

  • Inadequate Protection Against Internal Threats: Conventional solutions are limited to scanning emails, leaving your organization vulnerable to internal threats such as compromised accounts. Attackers can easily impersonate employees, gaining access from anywhere without detection.

  • Disabling Native Security Tools: Most existing solutions require disabling default security settings, leaving you with a single point of failure for email defense. This compromises powerful anti-phishing measures and weakens your overall cloud security posture.

  • Exposing Your Security Strategy: Many solutions require changes to your DNS MX record, inadvertently revealing your email protection platform to hackers. This makes it easier for them to identify and exploit specific weaknesses in your security setup.

  • Incomplete Protection for Collaboration Tools: With the increasing importance of file-sharing, collaboration, and messaging platforms, traditional email security services fall short. These critical communication channels remain vulnerable to impersonation, malicious files, data breaches, and phishing attacks.


Security Functions We Displace

Why BLOKWORX for Cloud Security?

MX Record Email Filtering

Saas file monitoring

Email Encryption

Anti - Phishing

Saas account login monitoring

siem - email & account activity

soar - email & account activity

Buisness email compromise prevention

Threat Alert

Anti- Spam

Manual O365 DLP controls

Comprehensive Threat Detection:

SCUD + CDR scans your environment for internal and external threats, both past and present. Using advanced API monitoring, it identifies and mitigates risks that other services may overlook, including inbound, outbound, and internal email threats.

Seamless Integration with Existing Security:

Deploying in-line with your existing security measures, SCUD+ CDR enhances your cloud secuirty defense strategy without compromising default filters. By intercepting messages before they reach your inbox, SCUD + CDR combines default security features with advanced threat detection.

Unrivaled Security Architecture:

Unlike most systems, SCUD + CDR doesn't suffer from architectural flaws that leave you vulnerable to attacks. By connecting directly to your API with no proxy, it remains invisible to hackers, preventing them from reverse-engineering your security setup.

Protect All Collaboration Tools:

SCUD + CDR doesn't just safeguard your email; it extends its protection to file-sharing, collaboration, and messaging platforms. Whether you're using G Suite, Office 365, Slack, Dropbox, Box, or SharePoint, SCUD + CDR ensures your user identities and data are secure.

Elevate Your Cloud Security with SCUD + CDR

SCUD + CDR by BLOKWORX offers a unique cloud-native architecture designed to fortify your defenses against evolving cyber threats.

In fact deploying SCUD + CDR is as simple as installing an app and configuring it in a few clicks. Start safeguarding your organization against phishing, malware, and other advanced threats that traditional security measures may miss.



See It In Action

Unlock the power of proactive cloud security with BLOKWORX! Sign up now for a complimentary 14-day proof of concept demo. Discover how SCUD + CDR can safeguard your cloud environment with prevention-focused defense and robust detection and response capabilities. Don't wait — secure your demo today!




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