Moving Firewall to the Cloud

As cloud utilization and hybrid work continue to increase, it makes sense to extend protection at the edge of your network to the cloud. Utilizing a SASE solution allows you to maintain the configuration layers and complexity necessary to truly protect your network, while lowering overhead cost and eliminating reliance on an appliance on site.

You can now effectively secure a geographically distributed set of workers. People can now work with the same level of protection anytime, anywhere, without reducing user experience.

Stop Threats at the Source

DNS Content Filtering


Scalability with Ease


Policy Optimization

Compliance Enforcement & Reporting


Software Defined Networking


Reduced overhead


Properly configured next-generation SD-WAN

Just because you’ve moved the firewall to the cloud doesn’t mean the configuration is any less complex or important. In fact, most breaches are caused by incorrect configurations. Unfortunately, most MSPs don’t have the time or skill to train a highly skilled network engineer to understand and implement proper configurations. Rather than go it alone, utilize our highly trained and certified engineering team to diagram the network to ensure you’re maximizing your SASE application and are truly protecting your clients.

Ongoing Updates and Management

Far too many treat their network designs as set and forget. In reality, firewalls (both cloud and on-premise) need the same type of care and feeding you provide to other devices you support. BLOKWORX provides that ongoing maintenance to ensure that your solution is always optimized for compliance, security, and operations without sacrificing any of your time.

Scalability Support

You have enough to deal with in your day. BLOKWORX will support in necessary configuration changes, including reassigning user(s), adjusting exceptions in content filtering (unblock websites, for example), modifying interzone security policy, and adding or removing VLAN, as necessary to ensure that you can quickly scale up/down based on client needs.




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Troy Rubert

Troy Rubert, CIO of Nashville Computer, Inc.

Making the decision to move 2000+ endpoints under the MAED services model was a hard decision financially for us but it has been the best decision we have made from a security standpoint for our clients.  BLOKWORX worked with us closely to get all our client base configured and implemented under their protection policies.  Working with the knowledgeable staff of BLOKWORX is a true privilege with our customers security at the forefront of it all.  We as a company sleep better at night knowing that BLOKWORX has our back.

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