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Now Introducing the New OPTX Line from BLOKWORX…

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You’ve come to know BLOKWORX as the cybersecurity professionals that monitor and protect the edge, network, endpoints, and cloud. What comes next?

In this webinar, we’ll reveal our new product line that will support:

  • Enhanced vulnerability scanning of the server, endpoint, and overall network
  • Compliance-driven reporting to be used in account management for clients that have a compliancy need
  • SIEM Monitoring of Windows Server Security Logs, Active Directory Security Logs, and Windows/macOS Workstation Security Logs

We’ll also cover our product development roadmap and what to expect over the coming quarters.

BLOKWORX simplifies security solutions and constantly prevents cyber threats before they become catastrophic events, so MSPs can protect their clients, reduce their risks and have peace of mind with a trusted and proven Security Partner watching their backs.


Top 200 MSSPs



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