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It’s impossible to be able to keep up with everything you need to do to run your MSP, as well as keep track of all the latest security threats, as well as how to prevent those threats from impacting your clients.

That’s where BLOKWORX comes in.

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When we started in 2006, we were an MSP, just like you. We’ve always been security-minded, but for the past five years, we’ve focused solely on cybersecurity. We’ve paired together some of the best cybersecurity software automation with the old-fashioned human touch to make sure that you and your clients stay secure.

Let us focus on your cybersecurity protection, so you can spend your valuable time on your core IT business and clients.

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Tom Schrader, CEO of Competitive Arts Inc

BLOKWORX is a prime example of how a service provider delivering on its beliefs. We have relied on their expertise from deployment in simple environments to complex scenarios. The amount of employee-hours it would take to be able to provide the level of knowledge and execution BLOKWORX brings to the table creates a value proposition that I couldn’t ignore and still say that we provide best-in-class defense and remediation.

George Monroy

George Monroy, The 20 MSP

In 2019 I had a scare when I started hearing stories of companies closing their doors due to hacks and ransomware attacks. We were worried that we could lose our clients and our business as well. I was literally waking up in the middle of the night worrying about the possibility of losing it all. We decided to work with BLOKWORX as the very first one under their MAED service. Ever since then I have been sleeping much better. The team is very professional, and I know they have my back.

Adam Bell, President of Sublime Computer Services

As a Managed IT Department we have a lot of hats to wear.  Cyber-criminals are more skilled than ever.  We have used different email filters in the past and they were either too strict or too lenient.  Finding the sweet spot required constant modifications.  While trying to protect over 800 users that task becomes too much for a single person.  For these reasons we have engaged BLOKWORX to protect our clients using their SCUD platform.  SCUD is more than an email filtering platform.  By offloading this service we are able to focus on helping our clients continue to grow their business.

Meet Our Products

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As people have moved (and stayed) in remote work environments, reliance on cloud-based applications has grown. The problem is these applications are targeted by hackers and have inherent vulnerabilities. As an MSP, you feel uncomfortably reliant on whatever security protocols the vendor has put in place. That’s where SCUD (Secure Cloud Unified Defense) comes in.

SCUD provides a layer of protection for cloud-based email and collaboration apps after your existing security and before the inbox. Traditional security overlooks applications like SharePoint, Slack, and Teams. SCUD protects these and other critical cloud-based applications, deploys like an app, and configures in a few clicks to start blocking phishing, malware, and other advanced threats that have evaded existing security.


This is not your typical industry standard endpoint defense response. As important as scanning and prevention are, it’s just as important to learn and adapt to a network’s environment. That’s why we employ deep learning capabilities to not only ensure that known threats will be eliminated before ever entering a network, but also to look deep into the data and find threats that would go undetected through traditional means.

MAED combines automation with human validation to maximize your cybersecurity framework. Our adaptive technology provides protection for the traditional network and can also provide protection for the many devices brought into the network. It covers any device, any OS, any time with speed and accuracy.

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