Next Generation Firewalls are the cornerstone of a solid Defense in Depth strategy and provide the foundation necessary to protect your organization’s data, network and critical assets from intruders and threats.­

For over 11 years, BLOKWORX has partnered with Palo Alto Networks delivering best-in-class cybersecurity protection utilizing its proactive, cloud-based and machine-learning driven Next Gen Firewall. We’ve made this industry-leading firewall accessible to the SMB market through our expertise, certifications, and ongoing management allowing you peace of mind in an ever-changing threat landscape. Need Palo Alto Networks expertise for NGFW and Prisma without committing your time and resources to education?

Why Palo Alto Networks?

We chose Palo Alto Networks because it is the most comprehensive firewall providing the best protection for networks, including

Threat Intelligence

Built-In Machine & Deep Learning
Protects against known and zero-day threats
better than competitors

Versatile Solution Stack
Covering a Range of Modalities
Hardware, Software, Container, SASE, and Cloud NGFW

Near Instantaneous Malware Signature Delivery
Supports Remediation Speed and Uptime

Cloud SaaS and Email Incident Response

Innovation in Cloud-Delivered Security
including DNS, DLP, and Phishing

Why BLOKWORX for Palo Alto Networks Pro Serv?

Anomaly Detection Engine


Misconfiguration is the #1 cause of security breaches, particularly in network hardware. We’ll utilize our tested cybersecurity best practices to ensure proper configuration maximizing the potential of your investment in a Palo Alto Networks appliance.

Threat Intelligence

Solution Engineering

Not sure what you need to best protect a network. Our solution engineers will help diagram, source, and recommend the best-fit solution to meet your/your clients’ objectives, especially in complex networks with firewalls and endpoints spread across multiple sites.


Transitioning from another firewall provider? We’ll ensure an effective migration minimizing downtime, maximizing security, and maintaining ongoing work flow.

Policy Optimization


Need extra firepower to ensure a seamless Palo implementation for a new client or network refresh? We’re available to support your project 24/7, based on a clear project plan deployment outline that increases your scalability.


Fully-Managed Firewall Service

A properly configured firewall is the point of greatest leverage in an effective security strategy. Ensure that your Palo investment remains on the cutting edge through fully managed edge protection and remediation, including event monitoring, alerts, reporting, and a 24/7 US-Based SOC to support.

BLOKWORX SNPR service is designed to provide your organization all the benefits of a Next Generation Firewall professionally managed and monitored by BLOKWORX SOC (Security Operations Center). It can be deployed via an on-premise appliance or in cloud services.

SNPR is the premier edge security solution that delivers a dynamic security posture against threat and vulnerabilities on a client network. This service is augmented with 24/7/365 Security Monitoring and Incident response from our Security Operations Center (SOC). Other features include secure remote access via the GlobalProtect VPN, DNS security and validation services, and zero-day malware protection. This o­ffering is targeted at small- and medium-sized organizations that want enterprise-level edge security at a fraction of the cost.

Following an initial onboarding and tuning to our best practice standards, the device will be monitored via a sensor deployed with logs forwarded to the BLOKWORX team for analysis, review, and action, as required. The device is monitored 24/7/365 and security incidents are also actioned on that timeline. The device will be kept in compliance on a regular schedule with priority for security updates

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