Two companies are partnering to ensure that cyber security protection is available to businesses around the world. Two state-of-the-art companies working together will ensure higher levels of protection for businesses globally.

New York & San Francisco-  BLOKWORX is a San Francisco based cyber security innovation company bringing the most secure offering in cyber security history to customers world-wide. The company protects a variety of devices such as laptops, servers, desktops, and mobile devices against threats that are compromising data from various sources.

“Endpoint and mobile exploitations are proliferating, and endpoint and mobile security was needed as part of our service offering. We had evaluated multiple endpoint defense offerings and none of the existing players were standing out,” said Robert Boles, President of BLOKWORX. “When we tested Deep Instinct, the deep learning component and backstory were compelling, and the speed and lightweight footprint impressive, but the effectiveness while testing made it a no-brainer; the results are nothing short of remarkable.” A recent advancement and surge in the amount of cybercrime has increased the demand for companies with the capacity to assist owners and executives in protecting businesses from being hacked and attacked.

BLOKWORX is a fully dedicated team of veterans to the cyber security arena. They provide managed security services to their clients both locally and world-wide.

Deep Instinct’s deep learning offering can detect and prevent malicious behavior, along with known and unknown malware, across multiple vectors, and provide true adaptive prevention against the most advanced evasive cyberattacks. The Deep Instinct omni-cybersecurity platform is designed to address any threat, protect endpoints and any mobile device, across operating systems via one unified platform. As a result, threats are rapidly eliminated with fully-automated and integrated response capabilities. Deep Instinct endpoint and mobile protection uses deep learning to detect and prevent zero-day threats, advanced persistent threat (APT) and ransomware attacks for any endpoint and mobile device with any operating system- Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, in real time.

Together, Deep Instinct and BLOKWORX are on a mission to protect and serve anyone affected by cyber security.

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