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  • Risk within third-party partnerships
  • Ransomware becomes problematic
  • Decision-makers turn to MSPs more often.

This monthly newsletter is designed to arm SMBs, C-Suite, and MSPs with top insights and trends shaping the cybersecurity landscape in order to protect your business. Please reach out to with questions or feedback so we can continue to make this as useful as possible.

#1: Guard against third-party cybersecurity vulnerabilities

  • Third-party partnerships and platforms are important for business. They also pose critical cybersecurity risks to protect against. US Cellular recently learned this after experiencing a breach in which hackers leveraged its CRM to view customer accounts.
  • The breach capitalized on employee ignorance to successfully scam workers into downloading malicious software that allowed cybercriminals to access customer data.


It’s estimated that accidental and malicious employee negligence accounts for 40% of data breaches. In this environment, companies need real-time oversight and endpoint data loss protection to prevent accidents and indifference from causing a serious cybersecurity incident.

#2: Ransomware attacks are increasingly complicated


This escalation makes it more difficult for companies to avoid the high cost of a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, the upfront recovery costs are just the beginning. Reputational damage makes it less likely that customers will return to your platform, and a recent study found that a ransomware attack severely damages company culture in often-irreparable ways.

#3: Decision-makers are turning to MSPs

  • Cybersecurity personnel are understandably overwhelmed and exhausted. The cost of failure has never been higher, and bad actors remain persistent and prolific. According to one survey, 65% of cybersecurity and IT workers are burned out and considering quitting their jobs.
  • At the same time, a severe talent shortage is making it difficult for companies to adequately secure their data and IT infrastructure. That’s why 83% of decision-makers are augmenting their in-house cybersecurity capacity with a managed service provider (MSP) in the next six months.


Cybersecurity is a serious responsibility, and it’s a priority that can’t be left up to chance. MSPs help keep your organization ahead of today’s continually-evolving and ever-expansive threat landscape.

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