Information Accurate as of 10/26/2023 4:43 pm

New variants come out rapidly. We have discussed this before and given examples. This is another in a long line of examples showing where “detection” is just not enough.

PovertyStealer is associated with countless other campaigns such as RedLine stealer and AgentTesla. This new variant has been in the wild for a few days with nobody detecting it, and one vendor preventing it.

Over the process of those few days, I watched as vendors started to get “detection’ with “some confidence” (some put a percentage on how confident they were which does not instill much confidence at all). In all the time it took for traditional EDRs to build detection, this was potentially running rampant through environments.

While others put a percentage on the level of “confidence” they have that a file is malicious, we have a solution which can prevent things before others can see them much less build the capability to find it. This lessens the load of our engineers and raises the confidence (and security posture) of our customers in their ability to remain safe.

Obviously there needs to be show and tell associated with this, right? Well, here you go:

That is our level of prevention, a prevention that ensures you are safe and secure against the unknown. A prevention that helps protect your way of life along with your company data, personal information, etc.

Combine this prevention with our 24/7 SOC to help monitor anything which pops up in your environment and the layering we offer with perimeter defenses and you have a solid security stack to tackle the toughest of threats!