There’s a problem with the majority of email security solutions available today. Conventional solutions, built for on-premise email have failed to adequately adapt for the cloud.

  1. These tools cannot scan for internal threats, like compromised accounts. An attacker will impersonate an employee and gain access from wherever they are. Because traditional solutions only scan emails, you will be none the wiser.
  2. Native security tools must be disabled. Most tools impair default security settings, which are particularly powerful for anti-phishing. This leaves a single point of failure as your solution for email defense.
  3. Most solutions require you to change your DNS MX record. Hackers now know what email protection platform you’re using, and can then reverse engineer what email security platform you’re using and attack based on those specific weaknesses.
  4. These services only protect email. File-sharing, collaboration, and messaging are now as critical, if not more so, than email; but traditional services do nothing to protect these services, which are vulnerable to impersonation, malicious files and data, and phishing.


With a unique architecture built specifically for the cloud, SCUD connects to your environment and scans for threats after your existing security — but before the inbox. Because it deploys inside the cloud, it offers the best defense against insider threats, Business Email Compromise and breached accounts.

  1. Internal, external, past and present are all fair game. Using API, we can better monitor inbound, outbound and internal emails that other services miss. We can also look into the company’s inbox for previous attacks to help identify compromised accounts.
  2. SCUD deploys in-line with existing security. This cloud security solution lives after the default filters but before the message reaches your inbox, so you can take advantage of default security plus advanced features.
  3. We don’t have the same architectural flaws that plague most systems. Our solution connects directly to your API with no proxy, meaning the tool remains completely anonymous to hackers, so they cannot reverse engineer the best vector for an attack.
  4. Protect all collaboration tools. SCUD goes beyond email to help secure file-sharing, collaboration, and messaging platforms by protecting the user identity whenever and wherever they’re working. We provide the same protections for the entire G-Suite and Office 365, as well as applications like Slack, Dropbox, Box or SharePoint.

SCUD deploys like an app, and configures in a few clicks, to start blocking phishing, malware, and other advanced threats that have evaded existing security.

Adam Bell, President of Sublime Computer Services

As a Managed IT Department we have a lot of hats to wear.  Cyber-criminals are more skilled than ever.  We have used different email filters in the past and they were either too strict or too lenient.  Finding the sweet spot required constant modifications.  While trying to protect over 800 users that task becomes too much for a single person.  For these reasons we have engaged BLOKWORX to protect our clients using their SCUD platform.  SCUD is more than an email filtering platform.  By offloading this service we are able to focus on helping our clients continue to grow their business.

Why BLOKWORX for Cloud Security?

At BLOKWORX, we utilize the best tools available today, and add on human validation. As an MSP, you simply do not have the time to authentically onboard, manage, tune, and respond to a tool, like this. With SCUD, we take that on for you, so you can maintain focus on your day-to-day business. SCUD takes this cloud security platform and adds:

Security Reporting
White Glove Onboarding and Tuning

Security Event Incident Monitoring 24/7/365

Security Reporting

White Glove Onboarding & Tuning

Threat Intelligence
Cloud SaaS and Email Incident Response
Policy Optimization

Threat Intelligence

Cloud SaaS & Email Incident Response

Policy Optimization

Anomaly Detection Engine
Remediation Support
US-Based SOC Teams

Anomaly Detection Engine

Remediation Support

US-Based SOC Teams

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