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Learn more about Master MSSP BLOKWORX flagship solutions: MAED (Managed Advanced Endpoint Defense), SNPR (Secure Network Perimeter Response), and CNFX (Conflux Security Platform). Learn how BLOKWORX security solutions can help MSPs deliver a high level of certainty to their security customers, by taking a preventive approach as opposed to a defensive posture. BLOKWORX President Rob Boles and Director of Operations Mike Tarango will outline how these services deliver on the Blueprint for Prevention, the core values of cybersecurity, and demonstrate how 99% Secure is 100% Unsecure.

BLOKWORX Blueprint for Prevention™

  • Complete Visibility
  • Reduce Attack Surface
  • Stop Known Threats
  • Prevent Unknown Threats
  • Automation with Human Validation

BLOKWORX simplifies security solutions and constantly prevents cyber threats before they become catastrophic events, so MSPs can protect their clients, reduce their risks and have peace of mind with a trusted and proven Security Partner watching their backs.


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