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How To Get Started With Podcasts

audio-304331_640Technology and small business are two inseparable partners when it comes to growing an economy in the 21st century. Podcasts are an easy-to-use but important piece of that technology for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that it uses an advertising strategy that was made famous by Lee Iacocca of Chrysler back in the 1980’s – put the boss up front.

Video Or Audio

Though a podcast can be a video, for those who are camera shy it can also be an audio broadcast. One of the first realities that needs to be accepted is that creating a podcast will take some time. The second is that you need to have a regular frequency when you publish the podcast – weekly, monthly, etc. The third is that it can be a game changer for your business.

One of the advantages to a podcast is it gets your company’s name in the ears (and eyes) of people who before may have never known your business existed. You can state your case for your product or service as an authority in the industry. Add your business partners to the mix and help promote them as well. This means your brand name and distinct qualifications will be out there for hundreds and thousands of people to see at little to no cost.

Know What You Want To Say

In creating your podcast, it is critical that you make sure you are well-researched and knowledgeable about the topic of the podcast. This will require both time and work on your part. Presuming you know enough can be dangerous. Remember, while your business will be out there for many people to see, what you say will likely be examined by many of the listeners.

Also research the broad scope of your podcast. Decide on an appropriate but easy to remember name. The theme of your messages should be simple but comprehensive enough to allow you to create a number of podcasts. Finally, determining how long each podcast should be is important, as your goal should be to inform but not be so long as to lose the interest of the listener.

Get Your Timing Right

Scheduling not only the frequency of your podcasts but also scheduling guest speakers is more than a good idea. Some people are camera shy, and yet there aren’t a lot of people who can carry an entire podcast with their voice alone. Think of how many movie actors can carry an entire show by themselves. Listeners who hear two people engaging in conversation are more likely to become engaged themselves. Instead of hearing someone tell them something they become part of the conversation.

You Don’t Need George Lucas

There is a technical side to getting your podcast from production out to your target audience. You do not need to do this on your own. Hiring someone who is experienced at this may be found at a local college or technical school. Many advanced students would love the opportunity to put their education to work, and make some money in the process. One advantage to this is students are likely to be familiar with the latest technology, a feature your production will benefit from.

Not everyone will be comfortable with trusting their business to the college group, so there are many experienced producers and technicians available who can do what you need at a reasonable cost. Be sure not to overpay for the services you need. Carefully review the candidate’s expertise and qualifications. If it looks like they can produce the next episode of Star Wars you are probably overpaying for what you need.

At the beginning it was said starting and finishing the podcast would be work. The good news is that once you publish a few podcasts your work will become easier because you will have both practice and experience at creating them. Until then, you will find that both research and “finding your own voice” will take time and effort. But be patient with yourself. The rewards will be seen sooner than you realize.

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