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Threat Alert: New Ransomware

Accurate as of 11/14/2023 3:53 PM PST Our threat team stumbled on a newly identified and currently undetected (by others) variant of ransomware. As part of empowering our partners and […]

Safeguarding Your Digital World: Recognizing Red Flags and Staying Ahead of Scams

In a recent episode of The Safety Brief, we dove into the critical red flags in email, phone, and online behavior, equipping end users with the knowledge to defend against […]

Unmasking Phishing: How to Spot Suspicious Emails

In the month of October, we observe Cyber Security Awareness Month—a vital occasion to reflect on the ever-present digital risks we encounter. Foremost among these is phishing, a widespread and […]

PovertyStealer – Definitely Not Poor, Definitely Not Detected

Information Accurate as of 10/26/2023 4:43 pm New variants come out rapidly. We have discussed this before and given examples. This is another in a long line of examples showing […]


Accurate as of 10/26/2023 4:26 pm The world is a very tumultuous place right now. One constant we can count on is new threats! This time we are talking about […]

Threat Alert: Nitrogen

WHEN: Information Accurate as of 7/27/2023 WHO: This new malware appears to target those in the technology sector, like MSPs, based on the tools it attempts to appropriate WHAT: Nitrogen installs a […]

The Power of Prevention: How BLOKWORX Services Safeguard Against the Microsoft Teams Bug

A recent vulnerability in Microsoft Teams has emphasized the power of prevention-centric cybersecurity. This bug enables malware delivery from external accounts. This poses a significant threat to businesses that are […]

The Crucial Role of Vulnerability Scans

In today’s digital landscape, both protected and unprotected environments face numerous cybersecurity challenges. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a vital role in safeguarding these environments, utilizing security services such as […]

Protect Against the Dangers of .zip and .mov Domains

The introduction of new top-level domains (TLDs) by Google Registry, including .zip and .mov, has raised concerns within the infosec community regarding cybersecurity risks. Deep learning and machine learning can […]

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning

Deep learning and machine learning are both branches of artificial intelligence (AI). They involve building algorithms to analyze and make predictions or decisions based on data. However, there are some […]

Sales Tools vs. Actual Security: Differentiating Between Scans

  Imagine you’ve just purchased a certified used car. As part of due diligence, you take that car into another dealership for a full workup. That dealership tells you that […]

Cybersecurity Tools: Is More Security Better Security?

Recently, we attended several industry events. Looking around the vendor halls, there were no less than 30 vendors providing cybersecurity tools. All of them presented value and hit different portions […]