When dealing with products and product offerings you can place them in three buckets, commonly known as the triple constraint –

  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • High Quality

The kicker is that you can only pick two of these buckets for virtually any product-based decision. Cheap and fast give you low quality. Cheap and high quality will give you an unoptimized solution. It most likely doesn’t have the best feature set or best protection capabilities without extensive tuning. You’ll need to spend a great deal of time to bring it up to speed, making the solution anything but fast. Fast and high quality means more cost up front, but an assuredly higher quality product, overall, likely because you’ve signed up for a fully-managed tool.

Cost of Cybersecurity – Fast and Cheap

When it comes to the cost of cybersecurity, the common mindset for most vendors seems to be “we can bundle this and make it dirt cheap for you with fast setup and minimal lift!” This is just a bunch of sales speak to get people in the door with a minimally viable product, not all the critical components that will actually make it the pristine item of beauty the salesperson spun. Unfortunately, many companies don’t see past the low entry price and jump in because they feel like they’re getting a deal. This is the equivalence of the “fast and cheap” part of the triangle. As I was always told when a deal was too good to be true, it probably is, and “that’s where they getcha!”

The story is always the same, sales gets on and pitches this fantastic utopian program which requires minimal involvement but unbelievably efficient levels of protection. Given the low price and already using other products from the vendor, many don’t do their due diligence. It’s all about cost savings and how it would look great on the ledger sheet while “checking a box”.

Cyber is never “set and forget” and you really do get what you pay for. Low cost likely will come with some hidden expenses or impact your ability to efficiently manage day to day tasks.

For example:

What happens when you “set and forget” the security and someone bypasses it with ease due to lack of configuration or tuning? Can you justify the time it takes to rebuild machines? What about the hit to your reputation when you disclose your discount security failed to protect you?

Now the next question… your security obviously did not prevent an attack, do you double down and stick with it while investing more time to make sure it’s going to protect you? Or do you accept it failed once and there’s a solid chance it will fail again, thus starting a search for a new product (more time spent, more money spent…)

When you choose a solution that fails, it tends to become a less than enjoyable situation. I have heard them called “resume generating events.” Why risk your career just to potentially save money?

Cost of Cybersecurity: Fast and High Quality

Why not opt for something high quality and fast from the start? Yes, it will require tuning and yes it will require monitoring, but you don’t have to do that part. With high quality comes a fully managed SOC which oversees the entire stack. Even better? The SOC is 24/7/365 and 100% US based. They have countless years of experience leveraging the best in perimeter products and the only endpoint solution with deep learning!

As an added bonus, the company does efficacy testing and validation against their solutions with the most recent unknown/undiscovered threats to ensure prevention is maintained at the highest level! Even better, the team offers white-glove onboarding, so you know exactly what is going on; but we handle the heavy lifting, leaving you with a highly functional, efficient, and fully-managed solution from the start.  Yes, it is more expensive (until you factor in labor costs that you’re no longer paying.

BLOKWORX has the stack, the best in prevention solution, and an extremely talented SOC to make your life easier. Start this new year by leveling up your security stance! Remember, high quality, fast, cheap. You can only pick two. What’s your choice?