Welcome mat demonstrating white glove onboarding

Welcome mat demonstrating white glove onboardingYou’re investigating a new tool and it appears to solve all the problems you’ve been facing. The value justifies the cost, but you just can’t seem to pull the trigger. Why? You don’t have the time or the resource needed to dedicate to the onboarding effort, and we all know that onboarding is one of the most painful experiences when it comes to tools in the MSP space. Just thinking about how much time it took to put in place your current PSA or RMM tool probably has you shaking your head about inserting a new tool into your solution stack.

Avoiding Onboarding Misery

A lot of our partners have this same fear before coming onboard with BLOKWORX. Following a presentation, we’re used to hearing, “this all sounds great, and I’m definitely moving forward… in a quarter when I can clear enough time to make the transition” or “I have to finish hiring and onboarding this new technician before I even consider bringing on a new technology.”

Now, fast forward to when these Partners sign with BLOKWORX (yes, we’ll patiently wait 6-9 months if we have to, while secretly knowing there’s a better way). They turn around and say “that was the best onboarding experience I’ve ever had with a vendor.”

We get it. Typically, onboardings are miserable. Documentation is lackluster, configurations and tuning are daunting, and don’t even mention ripping and replacing old tools smoothly and seamlessly. Expectations are notoriously low, and rightfully so. So, how do we turn one of the most awful parts of adopting a new tool into something that brings you peace, fulfillment, and, dare we say, joy? Take the onboarding entirely off your hands. We call it white glove onboarding. Here’s how it works.

14-Day POC

Onboardings often begin with a 14-day POC so that you can kick the tires, put our stack up against existing tools, and get your first experience of working with our 100% US-Based SOC. In turn, these POCs highlight the full value and ROI from the service. Working through a POC will expedite the onboarding experience upon signing an agreement.

Technical Implementation

You’re seeing these tools for the first time, but we’ve seen thousands of tenant onboardings. We know exactly how to smoothly roll out the tools (as well as what to do to quickly alleviate problems when things don’t go quite to plan).  We will work with your team to build out all the tenants within the console and, then provide media to roll out the tool via script, RMM or manually, watching for red flags and potential errors. Following initial deployment, we’ll ask you to perform an audit to ensure that the tools successfully installed and appropriately registered.


Following initial deployment, we’re intimately familiar with how to tune things to provide only the most valuable information, decreasing bewilderment, burnout, and abandonment of the project.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to onboarding since each environment is unique. The time allocated for the onboard (upwards of 30 hours for our team) allows proper data collection, as well as complex audit processes carried out by the BLOKWORX technical implementation team to ensure little to no end user inconvenience.

Onboarding Project Milestones and Final Cutover

We host multiple scheduled calls during the onboarding process to ensure that everything is on time and on track. These are the few times your team will be required throughout the process, based on your need. You can expect a call on Day 3 and Day 7 of your POC, at the bare minimum.

Prior to final cutover, your task is to communicate relevant whitelists/exclusions for our implementation and to remove any legacy tool remaining on a device. Should you run into any issues, we are well versed in helping you unstick problem clients/devices.

Portal Walkthrough

While we fully manage all cybersecurity concerns (as well as tool implementation and operation), many of our Partners want to have a regular view under the hood. To accommodate, following implementation, we walk our partners through the entire portal and provide additional libraries of training.

Why White Glove Onboarding?

We believe better onboarding experiences improve you and your team’s engagement, proficiency, and productivity within the service you’re introducing into the environment.

Let our subject matter experts handle the heavy obligations of the onboarding process. You and your clients can simply enjoy the tool. Create peace of mind with a cybersecurity partner that has your back.

Ultimately, our white glove onboarding aids BLOKWORX Partners in accomplishing their objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t let past experiences with lengthy, lackluster, and ultimately half-baked onboardings delay your decision to Partner with BLOKWORX. Now’s the time to make a move. Click here to get started.