Onboarding – A White Glove Experience

You’re investigating a new tool and it appears to solve all the problems you’ve been facing. The value justifies the cost, but you just can’t seem to pull the trigger. […]

EDR v. Threat Hunting v. Endpoint Protection

It seems like everyone you speak with has their favorite tool –  EDR v. threat hunting v. endpoint protection. Unfortunately, this often leads to relying on one tool while ignoring […]

Is Your EDR Vulnerable?

Recently, cybersecurity experts reported that many EDRs are vulnerable to an attack that takes advantage of the “delete after reboot” command to maliciously wipe data.  Endpoint security solutions traditionally use […]

Correlation, Causation, or Checking Boxes

“I need a SIEM. I need a SOAR.” These are requests we field everyday from MSPs. Our first question is always, “What are you looking to accomplish?” Unfortunately, the vast […]

IRaaS is a Step Backward for the Channel

Over two decades ago, the IT industry began to shift from break-fix to managed services. Savvy business owners on both sides of the equation recognized that it made a lot […]

Get on the YOLO Bus AKA Find Work-Life Balance

Friday, March 4, was the National Day of Unplugging. This begs the question, when did you last really unplug? Some companies took the day off Friday, as a mandatory day […]

Top 3 Cybersecurity Mistakes MSPs Make

Working with MSPs every day, we see a lot of cybersecurity mistakes. In fact, preventing these mistakes is the whole reason for BLOKWORX existence. These are the top 3 cybersecurity […]

Vulnerability Scanning vs. Penetration Testing: What’s the difference and what do you need?

MSPs approach us frequently requesting a penetration test for themselves or a new client. Most often though, we determine that they don’t want a penetration test at all. They really […]

Five Cybersecurity Resolutions for your MSP

As we now turn the corner into the new year, it’s time to assess goals surrounding your cybersecurity posture. Dare we say it – you need to set your cyber […]

2019 was ScreenConnect. 2020 was Solar Winds. 2021 is Kaseya.

Don’t Let Your Client Be Next. Why the Kaseya Ransomware Attack Is a Story About Onions The Kaseya Attack Reminds Us That Cybersecurity is About Layers When it Comes to […]

What does the SOC Do? And How is Different Than the NOC?

Data breaches and cybersecurity incidents present significant challenges for today’s businesses and MSPs. Not only are the recovery costs extensive – nearly $4 Million according to IBM’s most recent analysis […]

Update Adobe Now For Several Critical Security Updates

Adobe continues to work at a feverish pace to address critical security vulnerabilities in its product line. Their most recent patch addresses a total of ten security flaws across the […]


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