Threat Alert

Snowflake Breach: Lessons and Solutions

Every snowflake is unique…unless the snowflake happens to be the company Snowflake in which one breach made every snowflake on their customer instance the same, breached. This is almost a […]

Threat Alert: Attacks via DocuSign

Information Updated as of 3/13/2024 17:48 PDT DocuSign is being used along with malicious PDF files to spread banking trojans around the world but currently focused on Latin America. This […]

Compromised Ubiquiti Routers Used to Facilitate Offensive Cyber Operations

Security Advisory Last Updated: 10:00PM ET, March 2nd, 2024 Who: This critical security advisory applies to any MSPs or Organizations currently utilizing Ubiquti EdgeRouters in production or test environments. What: […]

High Confidence Phishing – False Positives

You may be receiving a lot of requests from your customers regarding False Positives in the email filter. You may also be thinking to yourself “Self, it sure does seem […]

Threat Alert: New Ransomware

Accurate as of 11/14/2023 3:53 PM PST Our threat team stumbled on a newly identified and currently undetected (by others) variant of ransomware. As part of empowering our partners and […]

PovertyStealer – Definitely Not Poor, Definitely Not Detected

Information Accurate as of 10/26/2023 4:43 pm New variants come out rapidly. We have discussed this before and given examples. This is another in a long line of examples showing […]


Accurate as of 10/26/2023 4:26 pm The world is a very tumultuous place right now. One constant we can count on is new threats! This time we are talking about […]

Threat Alert: Nitrogen

WHEN: Information Accurate as of 7/27/2023 WHO: This new malware appears to target those in the technology sector, like MSPs, based on the tools it attempts to appropriate WHAT: Nitrogen installs a […]